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BMW M Motorsport embarks on an ambitious 2024 Automotive Gaming season

20 Feb. 2024 • 11:37

BMW M Motorsport is entering the 2024 Automotive Gaming season with three BMW M teams. This year, the drivers will again compete for titles in the most prestigious and top-class racing series in the virtual motorsport world on numerous relevant platforms. While BS+COMPETITION and Team Redline are already heading into their fourth season alongside BMW, a new team, MOUZ, is making its debut as part of the BMW M Motorsport family.  


The Esports team MOUSESPORTS (MOUZ), founded in Berlin (GER) in 2002, is one of the most successful gaming organisations in the world and now enriches the versatile virtual BMW M Motorsport line-up. The internal introduction of MOUZ took place at the beginning of the year. In early February, BMW M Motorsport invited its three BMW M teams to a Media Day at the heart of BMW in Munich (GER).


In a convergence of different worlds within the BMW cosmos, in addition to the media production of photo and video material, the drivers and team officials, in the presence of BMW M works driver Bruno Spengler (CAN), were given a tour of the BMW M Motorsport headquarters and the BMW Group's parent plant in Munich, the capital of Bavaria. However, the focus of the event was on fun, as well as the meeting and mutual exchange within the BMW M Motorsport family.


BMW M Power Tour in collaboration with iRacing. 


A new exciting project has emerged from the successful collaboration between BMW M Motorsport and the simulation platform iRacing, the BMW M Power Tour. The series is aimed at the large and passionate iRacing community.


Starting in mid-March, over ten weeks, there will be regular racing events from Tuesday to Thursday featuring various BMW M racing cars from the iRacing portfolio. This includes not only the current flagship models, the BMW M Hybrid V8 and the BMW M4 GT3, but also historic icons like the BMW Z4 GT3.


Comments on the 2024 virtual racing programme of BMW M Motorsport:


Andreas Roos (Head of BMW M Motorsport): “We are pleased to be able to start the new automotive gaming season this year with a strong programme. This underlines the high importance that virtual racing continues to enjoy as a solid pillar alongside our global motorsport commitments. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for all the teams and drivers!”


Timo Brückner (Project Lead BMW M Motorsport Automotive Gaming): “The fact that we were able to further strengthen our already strong line-up of teams with our long-standing partners Redline and BS+COMPETITION by adding the new BMW M Team MOUZ makes us proud and lets us look forward to the new season with great anticipation and confidence. Together, we want to fight for victories and championships in the biggest and most exciting racing series of the virtual motorsport world in 2024.”


Florian Haasper (Team Principal BMW M Team BS+COMPETITION): “Our partnership with BMW M Motorsport is already entering its fourth year in 2024. It is in the DNA of BS+COMPETITION to represent the legendary colours of BMW M in the most important virtual races in the world – and on many different platforms such as iRacing, Rennsport, Assetto Corsa Competizione, or Gran Turismo. Together we work not only to be successful on the track. Together with BMW M Motorsport, BS+COMPETITION wants to reach new target groups, excite them for racing, and captivate them with exciting storytelling. The Zebras are ready for another successful Esports year!”


Atze Kerkhof (Director BMW M Team Redline): “Over the years, we have built a fantastic relationship with BMW M Motorsport, and we feel honored and excited to start the 2024 season with this partnership. With many exciting races on the calendar and a refined team composition, we aim for nothing less than victories. 2024 will be another crucial year for virtual racing, and we are grateful to be able to dive into this phase together with BMW M Motorsport.”


René Lannte (COO BMW M Team MOUZ): “With BMW M Motorsport, we have found the ideal partner for our ambitions in virtual racing. For years, BMW M Motorsport has been engaging in various ways in the field of virtual motorsport and knows how to connect the real and digital worlds. This commitment has had a significant influence on the rapid development of the genre. Together, BMW M Motorsport and MOUZ want to present the topic of automotive gaming to a broader audience, stage exciting stories around the stars of virtual motorsport, and show development opportunities around the topic of automotive gaming. With almost 22 years of pioneering work, MOUZ has shaped the world of Esports, and therefore the progressive attitude and passion of BMW M Motorsport in virtual racing quickly convinced us. Thanks to our similar mindsets, we are confident that we can advance automotive gaming sustainably. Our partnership will enable us to transfer the excitement and enthusiasm of real motorsport into the digital world. We are M – We are MOUZ.”


Tony Gardner (President of “We are thrilled to team up with BMW M Motorsport again for the BMW M Power Tour in 2024. As part of its commitment to virtual racing and Esports as a whole, BMW M Motorsport has long been one of the partners who have supported us most committedly. We are excited to see how the sim racers will embrace the new approach of the BMW M Power Tour, where a different BMW M Motorsport model is in the spotlight each week.”


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