Join Endurance-Info in its development!

Endurance Info
26 Feb. 2023 • 15:16
Photo : Jules Benichou

The European season is fast approaching. For Endurance-Info, 2023 is a crucial year with the Endurance discipline continuing to develop. Being on all fronts will only be possible with the support of partners.   This development of Endurance-Info can only be done with the support of partners. We would like to thank those who have trusted us for many years and those who are joining us in 2023.    Endurance-Info wants to continue to inform as best as possible and not just wait for press releases. There is no substitute for going to the paddocks around the world to glean information, but all this has a price.    Various forms of partnerships are possible: advertising, articles, subscriptions, title partner, etc...    Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!    The Partners brochure can be found HERE  


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