Why Peugeot considered but did not compete in the 24 Hours of Daytona

8 Feb. 2023 ‧ 8:30
Thibaut Villemant, from Satory (France)
When we visited Satory the day before yesterday (Monday 6 February), the technical director of Peugeot Sport explained to us why the French team had finally given up its trip to Florida.
© Peugeot Sport

So it was true. The nine LMDh-regulated cars at the 24 Hours of Daytona could have been joined by two Peugeot 9X8s. You may say that this is now "non-information" since the event is already in the past. However, it did highlight the few differences that remain between the WEC and IMSA.


➡️ ITW Olivier Jansonnie (Peugeot 9X8) 1/2: "We quickly understood what we needed to change"


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