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Video : Ferrari 250 GTO vs 250 SWB with Benoît Tréluyer and Emmanuel Collard

14 Feb. 2023 • 17:30
Thibaut Villemant
Once Upon A Car brings you a crazy new video featuring two of the most legendary cars in history driven by two 24 Hours of Le Mans stars.
© Rémi Chaillaud

Living from your passion is a gift from heaven. But I have this chance. During my career as a journalist, I have seen many beautiful things. But when the shooting of this video started and I found myself at the wheel of the van with the friends of the film crew, I wiped away a tear.


It's not for everyone to follow a 250 SWB Ferrari along the beautiful roads of the Vaucluse. Especially this one... But when it is accompanied by a 250 GTO with an equally incredible pedigree, it is impossible to remain indifferent. I will never forget this day of shooting. We had the opportunity to film two of the most mythical cars in history and I still can't believe it...

To drive these beauties, we chose two famous drivers. One you already know from Once Upon A Car: Benoît "Poy" Tréluyer, joined by his pal Manu "La Légende" Collard. Here too, it's heavy, very heavy even. And you know what ? Despite their experience, they were like children aware of how lucky they were to drive such beauties. They simply sat in the place of Jo Schlesser, Phil Hill or Olivier Gendebien! Yes, I swear...


I won't tell you more, the rest is in the video. Keep your eyes open, but also your ears (headphones are strongly advised) to enjoy the incredible sound of these Italian V12. And a piece of advice, stay until the end, it would be a real shame to miss the onboard cameras.

© Rémi Chaillaud


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