Le Mans Classic

Le Mans Classic - Yojiro Terada : "I always enjoy driving the Mazda 787B"

Le Mans Classic
7 Jul. 2022 ‧ 10:15
Thibaut Villemant (with Jean-Marc Teissedre)
Every time the Mazda is on the track, it's been a source of ecstasy... but also a desire to see more. Here's an interview with its driver: Yojiro Terada.
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Under the cover of the Group C paddock, located not far from the karting track, a Mazda engineer starts up the quadrirotor of the Mazda 787B. Dozens of fans walking by rush over and grab their cell phones to capture the moment. After a few revs, the engine shuts down to a thunderous applause. 


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