Le Mans

The new 24 Hours of Le Mans podium in place

24 Heures du Mans
2 Apr. 2024 • 9:00
Laurent Mercier
The Circuit du Mans podium is getting a facelift this spring.

As the 2024 season kicks off at Le Mans, the new podium is ready to welcome the drivers. More modern, more spacious, more functional, this 2.0 podium is much more in tune with the times.   An imposing screen has been installed just behind the podium's three steps, on a circular floor that faces more towards the grandstands. The race director, for his part, has his place high up at the end of the catwalk to lower the chequered flag in complete safety.   At the front, it is no longer barriers but more likely Plexiglas walls that will be erected, which will make the trophy presentation scenes more visible, particularly for the photographers.


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