WEC / Prologue - Session 1 or Session 4, who chose what?

26 Feb. 2024 • 10:35
Thibaut Villemant, from Lusail (Qatar)
With the first of the four sessions of the Prologue starting in less than an hour's time, we now know who will be taking part in the first session and who in the fourth.
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Yesterday, LMEM published a new - and probably final - version of the Prologue programme for the 2024 WEC season. As a reminder, while four sessions are still on the programme, the teams (and not the cars!) must choose between the first and the fourth.


And they had until 1pm local time today to inform the promoter of their choice, which means that they will all have 660 minutes of track time to choose from, compared with the initial 840 minutes.


As expected, the majority of competitors opted for the fourth session, scheduled for tomorrow from 2pm to 5pm. Only six of them have opted for the first session, scheduled for today between 2pm to 5pm. These competitors will be cleaning a track that is bound to be "green".


➡️ Teams taking part in Session 1: Isotta Fraschini Duqueine, Team Jota, AF Corse, United Autosports, Iron Lynx and TF Sport.


➡️ Teams taking part in Session 4: Cadillac Racing, Porsche Penske Motorsport, Toyota Gazoo Racing, BMW Team WRT, Alpine Endurance Team, Ferrari AF Corse, Lamborghini Iron Lynx, Peugeot, Proton Competition (Hypercar), Heart of Racing Team, Team WRT, Vista AF Corse, Proton Competition (LMGT3), Akkodis-ASP Team, Manthey EMA / Manthey Pure Rxcing and D'station Racing.


Monday 26th February

  • Session 1: 14h00-17h00*
  • Session 2: 18:00-23:00


Tuesday 27th February

  • Session 3: 10.00-13.00
  • Session 4: 14:00-17:00*

* : Competitors must choose between 1 and 4


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