WEC - Towards a 40-car grid in 2025

8 Nov. 2023 • 12:30
Thibaut Villemant
At a meeting with the press in Bahrain, the ACO/FIA team confirmed that they were working on a larger grid for 2025.

Competitors wishing to take part in the entire 2024 WEC season have until November 20 to submit their application. This will be followed by a meeting of the WEC Selection Committee, before publication of the entry list a full week later, at the end of November.


"Unfortunately, we're going to have to turn some of them down, which isn't easy, but we don't have much choice," laments Richard Mille, Chairman of the FIA Endurance Commission. "Why? Because of the number of boxes at certain circuits we visit, such as Imola and Austin for example," explained ACO President Pierre Fillon once again. "We could put two cars per box, but then we would need two refuelling systems to avoid any unfairness."


WEC General Manager Frédéric Lequien added: "We need more time to discuss a solution with the teams. But the aim is to grow the grid by 2025." So how many cars can we expect next season? Thirty-seven? "That's the plan," replied Pierre Fillon. But the aim, in two years' time, would well and truly be to have forty. "Who could have imagined, five years ago, that we would find ourselves in such a situation?" Richard Mille said.


For 2024, we're struggling to get below 38 competitors. A contingent to which we should have to add, in 2025, a second Lamborghini SC63 and, at least, an Aston Martin Valkyrie.


The number of potential entrants could also have an impact on the destinations chosen. Will the WEC return to Monza, a circuit currently undergoing works? "We have excellent relations with the ACI (Automobile Club d'Italie) and these two circuits (Imola and Monza)," emphasised Frédéric Lequien. "Let's do a first race at Imola and then we'll see. Nothing has been decided yet...".


We also regularly hear talk of the American round moving from Austin (Texas) to Indianapolis (Indiana), as we have mentioned on several occasions and as Roger Penske - IMSA boss - mentioned again at Monza at the beginning of July.


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