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Which manufacturer for Raffaele Marciello in 2024?

GT World Challenge Europe
4 Sep. 2023 ‧ 10:00
lmercier, from Hockenheim
Raffaele Marciello's name has been associated with Mercedes since 2017 in GT3. Things are set to change in 2024, although no official announcement has been made to date. We could see him taking over at Lamborghini, but things could still change.
Photo : Jules Benichou

If you ask anyone in the paddock to make a list of the five best GT drivers in the world, it's a safe bet that Raffaele Marciello's name will be on every list. The 28-year-old Italian-Swiss driver is a unanimous favourite on the track, whatever the track conditions. Official Mercedes-AMG driver since his GT debut in 2017, Lello is set to join another manufacturer in 2024. But which one?


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