How many followers do you have on social media ?

28 Mar. 2023 ‧ 18:00
Social networks are an integral part of our lives. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are there to exchange, share, shout or make an announcement. Of the 111 drivers competing in the WEC this year, how many do not have a social network? Who is the most popular? Who is the least present? Drivers, manufacturers, teams, Endurance-Info spent a night compiling everything. A first article to find out more...

Coming home from the US on Daylight Saving Time weekend has a logical impact on sleep. Netflix can be a good friend in passing the time before you fall asleep, but it's not always enough. In the last century, we tried to count sheep under the duvet to fall asleep, but this too was not effective. So we thought we'd test the popularity of drivers and teams on social networks by adding up. A crazy idea, isn't it? For what? Nothing... However, this is interesting.

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