Lilou Wadoux (#83 Ferrari): "Be proud of what we have achieved" at the end of the season

15 Mar. 2023 ‧ 16:00
Thibaut Villemant
Recently inducted as an official Ferrari driver, the young Frenchwoman will compete this weekend in her first race wearing the red suit...
© Ferrari

Since our last interview, which followed your arrival at Ferrari, what have you been doing?

I drove the 488 GTE at Monza - with Alessio and Luis (Rovera and Perez-Companc), then at MotorLand Aragon and Barcelona with a gentleman (Christopher Ulrich). I also spent some time at Ferrari to do the pictures and all the usual formalities, as well as some other events. It was also an opportunity to do some simulator work before coming here. But in the end, the Prologue came quickly.


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