Isotta Fraschini Hypercar Project - Interview with Claudio Berro

30 Dec. 2022 ‧ 14:30
The latest manufacturer to join the Hypercar category is Isotta Fraschini. For its revival, the Italian brand has bet on a hybrid prototype that meets LMH technical regulations and will be entered by Vector Sport. While Michelotto is behind the project, there is also Claudio Berro, who has extensive experience in motorsport. The former Lotus competition boss answered all the questions put by Endurance-Info.
Photo : Isotta Fraschini

The Hypercar category for the WEC is of interest to the big manufacturers but also to the smaller ones, which can no longer be described as "amateur" as a Hypercar project requires considerable resources. Glickenhaus Racing has shown that it can work, Vanwall Racing hopes to do the same, and now Isotta Fraschini intends to enter the track in 2023 with a prototype that meets the LMH technical regulations, which are technically more complicated and above all more expensive. Its name: Tipo 6 LMH-C.

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