Mission completed for Richard Mille Racing Team

23 Nov. 2022 • 17:00
Initiated three years ago, the Richard Mille Racing Team adventure concluded in Bahrain.
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Since its inception in late 2019, Richard Mille Racing Team has shattered some of the preconceived ideas that may still exist in motorsport and found its place in the world of endurance racing: first with an all-female performant trio in Europe and around the world, then with a mixed line-up.


"Our initial aim in creating the Richard Mille Racing Team was to make a strong impact and highlight the lack of opportunities for female drivers, recalls Amanda Mille, head of the Richard Mille Racing Team project. With an all-female line-up, the target was to take them to the highest level of motor racing. Our approach and performance, in no way inferior to that of our male counterparts, challenged biases. Gradually, we developed the project by listening to our drivers. They all told us they would have succeeded in advancing in this wolrd the day men asked to team up with them. We succeeded this year with excellent and enthusiastic drivers around our project: Lilou Wadoux, joined by Charles Milesi, Sébastien Ogier and Paul-Loup Chatin later on."


The team was a top-ten contender in the European in 2020 and finished ninth in the world championship in 2021 and 2022. In addition to the raw results, the team's adventure has been marked by constant progress, narrowing the gap to the Endurance leaders.

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"We have reached a new level each year, explains Amanda Mille. Our performances allowed us to prove many things. We've been lucky to have the support of like-minded people who see the potential of female drivers, and we've had more and more requests to join us. We owe this success to Signatech and all the drivers, engineers, technicians and mechanics. These three wonderful years would never have been possible without Signatech; under the leadership of Philippe Sinault and Giuseppe Bizzoca. They were the only ones who believed in our project and made it move forward by giving it all the means to exist and shine with the best female drivers within an ever more competitive FIA World Endurance Championship. We thank them all for demonstrating that motor racing is a team sport while normalising the presence of women at this level."


"We would like to sincerely thank Richard Mille and all its teams for their confidence in this adventure, added Philippe Sinault, Signatech Director and Richard Mille Racing Team Manager. It was a fantastic opportunity, both from a sporting and human point of view, and we are honoured to have been able to take part in it. Women’s place in our sport is no longer in question. As our Deputy CEO Giuseppe Bizzoca likes to remind me, some drivers refused to replace Katherine Legge after her injury in 2020. Today, some of them are calling us to join the programme. It shows that women are finally being recognised as full-fledged racers, as they should have always been. Lastly, we are proud to have seen our protégés improve in their career, just like Lilou, who went from the Alpine A110 Cup to the Hypercar class at the rookie tests in just one year. It is a strong message and bolsters the fact we have provided them with a top environment thanks to the bravery and determination of Richard Mille and his teams."


After three years, the involvement of the Richard Mille brand will evolve while remaining faithful to its initial objectives: "Today, the Richard Mille Racing Team is closing the garage door, concludes Amanda Mille. A chapter closes, but a new adventure begins, in line with the project's genesis."


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