Porsche LMP1 prototype in Hasselt

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17 Nov. 2022 • 10:18
René de Boer
Photo : René de Boer/Rebocar

Beautiful scale models of Porsche race cars are widely available. Minichamps, Ixo and, above all, Spark, produce fantastically detailed models in scales up to 1:8. But for some, even that isn’t enough. Belgian Luc Vanderfeesten, passionate about Porsche, a keen racer in the Porsche Carrera Cup Benelux and the co-director of the Porsche Centres in the Dutch cities of Maastricht and Eindhoven, took it to another level and acquired a full-size mock-up of the Porsche 919 Hybrid. In a small ceremony for friends and clients, the car was placed on the terrace of his penthouse on the eighth floor of a beautiful apartment building in the centre of Hasselt in Belgium.


“It really is a dream coming true,” Vanderfeesten said while the Porsche 919 was carefully placed on the purpose-built podium on the terrace of his penthouse. Previously, the car had been on display in the showroom of the Porsche Centre Maastricht. “Initially, we looked into possibilities to have the car mounted to the wall, but that turned out to be difficult. Still, we needed the space in the showroom, so eventually, I decided to buy the car myself and put it on the terrace of our new penthouse.”

Photo : René de Boer/Rebocar

The crew of Belgian racing team Red Ant Racing that also runs the Porsches sponsored by the Porsche Centres Maastricht and Eindhoven in the Porsche Carrera Cup Benelux and the Porsche Sprint Trophy Benelux, not only for Vanderfeesten and his co-director Ad Geerts, but also for the likes of former champion Xavier Maassen and former cycling world champion Tom Boonen, took care of the logistical details. The car was collected from the Porsche Centre Maastricht and transported to the historic city centre of Hasselt, a 45-minute drive across the Dutch/Belgian border. There, a crane transporter was in place to lift the car to the terrace on the eighth floor.


“I told my neighbors that a piece of art would be put in place,” Vanderfeesten said with a smile. “But to me, it really is! Owning such a car and being able to share this joy with friends and clients really is something special.” The car was carefully put in pride of place, a real eye-catcher. A Porsche LMP1 prototype in Hasselt.


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