24H Spa

24H Spa : To the last one alive...

GT World Challenge Europe
4 Aug. 2022 ‧ 18:00
The 24 Hours of Spa 2022 were not a smooth race for the 66 GT3s. Even more than in previous editions, the cars suffered. Spa has chosen its winner...
Photo : Kevin Pecks

After two complicated editions due to the pandemic, the 24 Hours of Spa has regained its colours and the public was not mistaken. More than 70,000 people came to the Ardennes to attend the biggest GT race in the world. 


From Wednesday onwards, it was clear that the gamble had been won. The parade in the centre of Spa was packed with lot of fans. Valentino Rossi was the main attraction, but there was more than just the star WRT driver in the crowd. One can clearly say a human tide as it was difficult to get close to the cars. 


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