Duqueine D09 : a succession soon on track

European Le Mans Series
5 Jul. 2024 • 18:28
The new LMP3 will arrive in the various championships from 2025 onwards
Photo : Duqueine Automotive

The results and career of the Duqueine D08 in the various LMP3 championships around the world have proved the quality of the work carried out by Gilles Duqueine's squad on the current generation. A success story boasting 55 victories (including one at the 24 Hours of Daytona 2023, the ultimate test of endurance racing), 107 podium finishes and 85 pole positions, which will continue in 2025 with the introduction of the D08's descendant : the D09.


The changes to the technical regulations unveiled by the Automobile Club de l'Ouest in 2023 include the replacement of the Nissan V8 engine seen in recent years in LMP3, by an all-new Toyota V6 engine. This will be the first time that turbo technology will be introduced to that category for the 2025-2029 homologation period.


This new parameter presented Duqueine Automotive's designers with a real challenge. While the general architecture of the Duqueine D09 remains unchanged, a rethinking about how to accommodate the new engine, both in terms of cooling and aerodynamics, was necessary. The car's balance has been refined to retain the strengths of the previous model, notably top speed, while improving aerodynamic load on more twisty tracks. Many parts have also been renewed to ensure maximum reliability.


“Duqueine Automotive's investment in this project is massive” comments Jean-Karl Vernay, Duqueine Automotive's Head of Customer Racing. ”We did our utmost to improve the D08, which was already a very good base. Reliability, with the replacement of so-called obsolete parts, was one of the main target during the development on multiple points: braking system, suspension, driveshafts... in order to create a reliable, high-performance prototype. Of course, we haven't forgotten our enthusiast gentlemen drivers, with improved driveability for the driver, not to mention revised ergonomics for the cockpit. We can't wait to see the D09 on track against its rivals to see where it stands."


A major on-track testing phase is about to begin, and the car will be available to test for the teams, both current customers and interested parties, via sessions starting in August. The D09 will be offered as a complete version or as a kit to be fitted on the current D08.


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