Tom Brady : "I have been a big fan of motor racing for a long time"

1 Mar. 2023 • 16:15
Of the Hertz Team Jota partners, he is not the one who takes up the most space, but he is certainly the one who will make the most noise.
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Who is Tom Brady?

American football may not be very popular in Europe, but it is certainly the king of sports in the United States. The Super Bowl - the final of the National Football League (NFL) - is the most watched sporting event on television in the United States and one of the most followed worldwide. The biggest brands are snapping up the commercials at crazy prices, as is the case with Nissan, which took the opportunity to unveil its GT-R LM Nismo in 2015.


Tom Brady is the most successful player in NFL history as he won seven Super Bowls, six with the New England Patriots and one with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He was voted Super Bowl MVP five times and was also named the regular season MVP three times.


Retired on 2023 February 1, he is a mega star and one of the highest paid athletes on the planet. He is also known for having been married from 2009 to 2022 to one of the most famous models : Gisele Bündchen, from Brazil.

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Why this partnership with Hertz Team Jota?

You might be wondering what the 45-year-old quarterback is doing with Jota. Well, he is simply promoting his clothing brand BRADY TM.


BRADYTM is the first technical apparel brand to apply two decades of pro sports level innovation and engineering to create a system of clothing that performs across every activity. BRADY uses technical fabrications, generations of expertise, and considered practises to create intelligently designed product for all day comfort and performance.


BRADY will provide the team with travel, leisure, and work clothing from a newly launched product range, showcasing the products quality, durability and comfort. With over three years in development, the fabrics and materials fuse natural elements with cutting-edge technology that perform in varying weather conditions including the pouring rain, freezing cold and summer heat.

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Most importantly, Tom Brady is a keen motorsports fan. "I've always been a big fan of motor racing " he said. "And the fact that BRADY TM is now part of the Hertz Team Jota, which represents the future of motorsport apparel and design, is an incredibly exciting opportunity. BRADYTM and Hertz are great brands that can pride themselves on their teamwork, determination and ability to deliver a seamless experience, making it a perfect partnership. We are all looking forward to participating in the iconic 24 Hours of Le Mans race."


We've already seen him on the starting grid of several Formula 1 Grands Prix and make a splendid pass to Daniel Ricciardo in the port of Monaco, even though the two men were both on different boats. 

A touchdown for the WEC ?

You certainly don't need us to tell you that. For Jota, it's a masterstroke ! A member of the NFL 100 All-Time Team Roster, he was in the Time magazine's list of the 100 most influential people of the year in 2021. This "gentleman" is, indeed, one of the most famous sportsmen on the planet and obviously in the United States. 


But while they didn't ask for anything, the ACO will also benefit indirectly from his involvement in the Sam Hignett-David Clark team. And for good reason, Tom Brady should indeed make the trip to Le Mans in mid-June.


This will attract the attention of millions of Americans, including the 13.6 million followers who follow the star on Instagram. Each story posted will be a zoom on Jota and the WEC. In the jargon, it's called a touchdown...

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