WEC - Pescarolo Sport signs an agreement with Peugeot to enter one 9X8 from 2024

16 Feb. 2023 • 16:05
The French team now owned by Jocelyn Pedrono has set its sights on the French Hypercar.
© Peugeot Sport

Now owned by Jocelyn Pedrono, the Pescarolo Sport entity has reached an agreement with Peugeot in order to enter one 9X8 in WEC next year if funding is obviously found by then.


"Pescarolo Sport has retained Peugeot Sport as manufacturer for its 2024 WEC Hypercar programme and has entered into extensive negotiations with major partners with a view to financing the season" we can read on the press release.


Contacted by Endurance-Info, Peugeot Sport confirmed this information: "Pescarolo Sport contacted us a few months ago", the French manufacturer answered. "After several exchanges, Pescarolo Sport decided to set up a project to enter the WEC championship with a Peugeot 9X8, and we are proud that Pescarolo Sport has chosen our Hypercar. The project is evolving quickly with the right partners and experienced people, and we are ready to provide them with a 9X8 and the necessary technical support. We hope that the Pescarolo Sport project will take shape as early as 2024."


Pescarolo has also strengthened its team with the arrival of Joël Rivière, who will now join Jocelyn Pedrono, and Bruce Jouanny, who will be in charge of sporting side of the project.


As a reminder, Henri Pescarolo is not involved in this project. 


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