Glickenhaus has sold its first 007 LMH for the road

31 Jan. 2023 • 3:06
Glickenhaus continues to prepare a road model of its 007 LMH.
Photo : Glickenhaus

While the Glickenhaus 007 LMH will return to competition in March at Sebring for the start of the WEC season, the American manufacturer has not put aside its plans to offer a road-going model.


The Glickenhaus 007 LMH road car, which is called the 007S, is a three-seater with a V8 engine developing around 1000 horsepower. The driver sits in the centre with two seats at the back. The first 007S model was sold. Only 24 cars will be built starting at $2.5 million.


HK Motorcars, the Glickenhaus distributor in the USA, will handle sales on the American continent. Approval is possible for other markets: Europe, Middle East, Asia.


Delivery will begin two years after the 24 orders are placed.


For the record, the WEC 007 LMH model was recently driven by its owner at Sebring.


With Vanwall Vandervell, Glickenhaus is the second manufacturer registered in the Hypercar category (LMH technical regulations) to offer a road-going version of its racing model.


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