REVOLUGO - The travel solution that makes everyday life easier for motorsport people

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24 Jan. 2023 • 10:00
For several years now, Revolugo has been a major player in endurance racing. Their speciality? Supporting teams and promoters on their travels around the world by making things easier for them.
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A race team does not spend two weekends in the same place, which gives it a nomadic feel. Each trip must be prepared and anticipated. This is where Revolugo comes in. The French structure acts as a travel agency for the teams and promoters on the various events around the world. If a team is looking for accommodation at Spa-Francorchamps or Sebring, Revolugo has the solution. Edward Grunwald, partner and commercial director, spoke to Endurance-Info about Revolugo's business.


Can you tell us more about Revolugo?


Revolugo is a hotel booking solution made available to the event industry and our digital tools allow our partners to offer a free hotel service to all their participants. We launched our activity in 2018 to offer these digital solutions on trade shows, congresses and seminars, with an immediate success and several hundred events in the first year.  Personally, I joined the company in 2019, in order to develop the activity around major sports events.


Motorsport became quickly an obvious choice?


We first targeted events that attracted the general public, such as marathons for example. For the motorsport part, Peter Auto and Le Mans Classic were our first clients in this field in 2019. The partnership with Peter Auto was like a trigger, and we wanted to develop faster and stronger in the endurance sector. The various organisers we contacted were seduced by our business model and now we work with almost all the leaders in the sector, such as the WEC, ELMS, Asian LMS, the Michelin Le Mans Cup, all the SRO Motorsports Group championships and Creventic in particular...


Do you manage travel all over the world?


We have the capacity to work all over the world. At the beginning of the season, we prepare packages according to the calendars and the teams only have to make their reservations according to their needs and their programmes. Our online solutions allow simple and efficient navigation of the hotel offer available around a given event. A team can book its entire season in less than ten minutes.


However, we are always available through traditional channels, as customer contact remains one of Revolugo's core values, which is why we travel to every event for which our clients have requested us. Our services also go beyond the hotel business, as we are able to offer plane tickets, transfers, car rentals and even visas. We are like the "concierge service of motorsport". Revolugo's offices are in France, but we also operate with international partners for more complex destinations.


Can the public use your services?


It depends on the event. For example, for Le Mans Classic where we are partners of the event for the general public, we manage these requests, yes. On the other hand, for the other championships mentioned above, we are primarily there to assist the teams, partners and service providers who come to the event as a group.


Why do the teams work with you?


Because we take care of our clients in terms of travel and accommodation, which is so complex, yet essential to the smooth running of a race weekend. Thanks to the simplicity of our online platforms, our responsiveness and our day-to-day support, we provide peace of mind to our clients who, once they arrive at the circuit, can focus on what is happening in their box, and not outside it.  On top of that, we are, most of the time, cheaper than the mainstream platforms because all our services are carefully selected and negotiated by our in-house teams!


Revolugo continues to grow?


If we take a step back, in 2019 there were 5 of us in the company and we were not present in motorsport. In 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, we were working with about ten teams, who trusted us throughout the season. Today, we have about fifty teams in the various championships.


At the same time, the company has also grown and we now have more than twenty employees. Motorsport has become a major stake for Revolugo, and we are proud to have obtained the trust of our numerous partners and clients, which are multiplying from season to season. This reinforces our belief that our efforts and know-how are now well recognized in the paddocks.


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