Maro Engel: "The world level in GT3 is so high"

GT World Challenge Europe
29 Dec. 2022 ‧ 9:51
Maro Engel is one of the big names in the GT3 world. Loyalty to a manufacturer is quite rare these days, but Maro Engel is one of those who lasts over time. The German driver has built up a relationship of trust with Mercedes-AMG, which has followed him even during his illness in 2011.
Photo : Kevin Pecks

Maro Engel is spending some time with his family at the end of the year before heading off to race around the world. A Mercedes-AMG driver since 2008, the German driver, who speaks French currently, is one of the big names in the GT world. His name appears on the list of winners of the 24 Hours of Nürburgring and the renowned Macau GT Cup, but he still has other top races to win, starting with the 24 Hours of Spa and Le Mans. One thing is certain, Maro Engel is happy with Mercedes-AMG, where the relationship goes beyond that of a simple employer.

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