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Van Berlo-Gilardoni (Oregon Team Lambo) take second win at Red Bull Ring and strengthen points lead

International GT Open
11 Sep. 2022 • 8:17
Photo : Fotospeedy

Oregon Team signed its second double win of the season, as Glenn Van Berlo and Kevin Gilardoni beat team mates Benja Hites and Leonardo Pulcini in a Race 1 at the Red Bull Ring made difficult but lively by a damp track. Despite a difficult practice and qualifying, the multicoloured Lamborghinis of the Italian squad found again a winning pace in the race. With this second win, the Dutchman and the Swiss now have a 10-points advantage in the standings over Moss-Osborne (Optimum McLaren), today fourth.


Reema Juffali-Adam Christodoulou in the Theeba Motorsport Mercedes found again the way to overall podium (3rd) and to success in Pro-Am (their fourth of the season) in Pro-Am, where they beat Cuhadaroglou-Fumanelli (Kessel Ferrari) and Müller-Mettler (SPS Mercedes). Austrians shone in Am as Ernst Kirchmayr-Philipp Baron (Baron Ferrari) and class leaders Alex Hrachowina-Martin Konrad (Mann Filter Team Landgraf) took the first two positions.


THE RACE – The track is slippery at the start, but Fumanelli keeps the advantage of the pole (his third this year) ahead of Rugolo, who runs wide at first corner and then in T3), while Van Berlo Jedlinski and Kranz fight hard for second and Baron from row 2 has taken a poor start, dropping to P10.By lap 4, Fumanelli has a 3-second advantage on Van Berlo and Kranz, with Jedlinski already 17 seconds behind, leading a group that includes Hites, Rueda, Scholze (first in Am), Osieka and Baron. Rugolo is in the pits since lap 2.


In lap 7, Kranz steals 2nd from Van Berlo. Rueda is fourth ahead of Scholze which leads a compact group in close fighting: Osieka, Baron, Jans, Konrad, Juffali and Moss.The one going up is Baron, in 6th by lap 12 while teammates Osieka and Jans have some rubbing moment, Konrad climbs to 10th and Moss passes Juffali momentarely.


Fumanelli, in the lead, has a 5-second advantage but loses some pace in the numerous lappings. In lap 18 opens the driver change window, while Steiner spins and gets stuck in the gravel, prompting the safety car out.


Gilbert spins in lap 27 after a contact with Korzeniowski (the Pole will later get a 5-second penalty), in the middle of a furious battle with Antonelli, Nana, Hrachowina, Mettler, Rumpfkeil an Schraml, with the order changing constantly. Fumanelli and Van Berlo are the last to stop, in lap 29. After all changes, Gilardoni passes Cuhadaroglu in lap 30 and takes the lead, ahead of Pulcini, Baud, Christodoulou, Osborne, Shoffner and Mettler.


In lap 33, Pulcini takes second and start making the gap on his teammate Gilardoni. Cuhardaglou is third ahead of Baud, Christodoulou and Osborne, while Antonelli leads in Am. There won’t be much action until the final lap when Baud has a scary moment with Christodoulou and then he is hit by Osborne, losing some positions. Gilardoni wins ahead of Pulcini, with Christodoulou taking third and the win in Pro-Am. Antonelli crosses the line as first in Am, but post-race penalties for pit stop infringements put the Mercedes in third in the class, behind the Baron Ferrari and the Landgraf Mercedes


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