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A new date for the 2023 24H of Spa ?

GT World Challenge Europe
7 Sep. 2022 • 14:00
The extension of the Belgian F1 GP by one year could affect the usual date of the 24 Hours of Spa.
Photo : Kevin Pecks

The dates of the 2023 Formula 1 calendar are starting to leak out on various websites. If we are to believe the indiscretions, the Belgian GP will be held one week before the 24 Hours of Spa, on 23 July. One week later, F1 is announced in Hungary. 


In fact, the arrival of F1 in the Belgian Ardennes a week before the 24 Hours of Spa has no impact on the biggest GT race in the world. But... 


The Formula 1 tent cannot be dismantled in a few hours and setting up an entire GT paddock is just as tedious. So it becomes complicated to have F1 a week before the 24 Hours of Spa even if the SRO Speedweek will not be on the agenda in 2023. 


Moving the date of the 24 Hours of Spa is a complicated exercise, as the support series must also be taken into account, as they too have a calendar to respect. 

The 24H of Spa has already been forced to change its date, but that was due to a virus in 2020. 


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