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Valentino Rossi, the window breaker...

You knew
GT World Challenge Europe
16 May. 2022 • 9:00
Magny-Cours marked the second Sprint meeting of Valentino Rossi in GT World Challenge Europe. The Italian driver went through the gravels during Q1 without any consequences for his Audi, but more for the Renault Trafic parked in the safety lane.

Valentino Rossi tested the escape road at Magny-Cours. While in the middle of qualifying, the #46 Audi R8 LMS GT3/WRT driver went off the track and ended up running along tires.    Gravel flew all over the trackside, even breaking the side window of the Renault Trafic marshal's van parked at the edge of the safety lane. The van still have the scratch of the crash.    The stewards took the opportunity to decorate the Trafic with the number #46. Go and explain to the insurance company that it was Valentino Rossi who broke the side window...   Thanks to François Cuny and Gilles Guery for the pictures. 


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